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The Biggest Secret to Golfing Well Under Pressure

by Stephen Walker, PhD Do you ever wonder why so many good golfers seem to fall apart at tournament time? How come they tend to play better in practice than during Championships? Why does someone always play better in a four ball, or scramble, or team event than solo match events? There's a one-word answer to all three of these questions: PRESSURE! There's much more pressure in the bigger tournaments than there is in practice. Pressure tightens a golfer's muscles, chokes off their breathing Read more [...]

5 Keys To Raising a Great Team Player

This talk is designed to make the point - there is more to life than sports, and, there is more to sports than sports. There is no substitute for your child knowing that he or she is your champion, that whatever they do, however they perform, you LOVE THEM unconditionally. They WANT to please you, but the more they concentrate on YOU, the less they learn about themselves and the lessons that sport can give them. Read more [...]