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Lessons From Merion

By Matt Long, M.A., M.Ed.  "I'll tell you about these (U.S.) Opens, they get tougher and tougher on the mental side.  You keep remembering the mistakes you made in the past that cost you an Open title.  I guess you keep trying too hard." -Sam Snead, PGA all-time victories leader (0 U.S. Open titles) Each and every year, the U.S. Open provides some of the most entertaining drama on one of the game’s biggest stages.  As amateurs and weekend hacks, we lean in to watch the most skilled Read more [...]

Stay in the Moment: 3 Techniques for Developing a Process Focus as an Athlete

By Matt Long, M.A., M.Ed. When you type, “staying in the moment” into any search engine, the first things that show up are articles and websites of the self-help and wellness variety.   You will find suggestions for the path to enlightenment and happiness, as well as tips to reduce the stress in your life.  What you won’t find is anything related to sport.   However, athletes and performers have much to learn from these resources, particularly with respect to performing at your best Read more [...]

Developing a “Course-Ready” Game: Taking Your Game from the Range to the Course

By far the most common struggle for the recreational golfer is the increasingly frustrating challenge of producing the same results on the course that they experience on the practice range.  I have worked with enough golfers to know their story well – hours of lessons and practice getting their swing to a manageable place, improving specific problem areas in their game, only to go out on the course and find that their problems still remain (or have even somehow gotten worse!). This struggle Read more [...]

The Biggest Secret to Golfing Well Under Pressure

by Stephen Walker, PhD Do you ever wonder why so many good golfers seem to fall apart at tournament time? How come they tend to play better in practice than during Championships? Why does someone always play better in a four ball, or scramble, or team event than solo match events? There's a one-word answer to all three of these questions: PRESSURE! There's much more pressure in the bigger tournaments than there is in practice. Pressure tightens a golfer's muscles, chokes off their breathing Read more [...]