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Water the Bamboo

Matt Long, M.A., M.Ed., CC-AASP Seeds for giant timber bamboo are planted deep in the soil.  After one year of watering, the bamboo has grown…not at all.  After two, and even three years, the bamboo has still yet to break through the soil. But sometime in the fourth year, after many months of faithful watering, the bamboo shoots up and can grow up to 90 feet in 60 days! How many things in sport (and in life) are just like this?  We invest our time, our energy, our effort - only Read more [...]

Lessons From Pinehurst

Matt Long, M.A., M.Ed., CC-AASP As with any major tournament, there are plenty of lessons to be learned.  After such a grueling test, the latest in the Lessons From... series looks at what we can learn from the players who survived and thrived. 1) When playing with a lead (or trying to go low), strive to Play Brave "When you lead such a big tournament with five shots, it's very, very difficult to keep going.  A lot of people can say, 'I want to keep going, I want to play aggressive.' Read more [...]

Sport Psychology Top 5 FAQ

Matt Long, M.A., M.Ed. When I tell people that I am a sport psychology consultant, there are a variety of responses.  But there are almost always questions about what it means and what exactly I do.  So hopefully this brief FAQ offers some clarity as well as a deeper understanding of how working with me can be helpful to a variety of people. 1. What is sport psychology and how can it help me? Sport psychology is quite simply the study of how the mind affects performance in sports, Read more [...]