PEAK – The Model

PEAK Performance Mental Conditioning Program

“A comprehensive approach to whole-person development”

Psychological Skills
Emotional Awareness
Attitudinal Growth
Knowledge Development

At HSPA, our philosophy of practice is centered on facilitating “whole-person development”.  This means an approach based on supporting you at five crucial levels, shown in the model below.  Athletes come to us with differing amounts of knowledge and support at each of these levels.  At HSPA, we hold as a fundamental belief that your achievement level will rise and fall with your devotion to these components of performance.  Through a personalized mental conditioning program, you will be supported at all five levels.

The pyramid model is designed to demonstrate that mental conditioning will provide you with the final piece of the puzzle – the element of your training that allows you to maximize your enjoyment and achievement in sport and in life.


“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” ~ John Wooden

Features of our work Together

  • In person meetings and training sessions, phone, Skype/Zoom meetings and observations for performances in applied settings (on-course, on-field, etc.)
  • Initial assessment, evaluation of strengths and challenges with the ultimate objective to establish the “game plan” moving forward, identification of essential skill sets to be acquired, a review of examples, mental toughness training and goal-setting for measuring progress.
  • Customized, personalized mental conditioning program, with ongoing support
  • Education for parents on supporting competitive athletes
  • Support with preparation for upcoming competitions
  • In-competition support via phone/skype/text
  • Emphasis on increasing enjoyment of the sport
  • Access to Podium Sports Journal articles

Services Provided

  • Sessions in person, via Skype or Zoom and/or phone
  • Periodic  group workshops
  • Observations of practice/training/competition
  • Parent workshop on “Supporting Peak Performance”
  • Referrals to outside resources