Coach Services

For the coaches we work with, our goal is to help you assess the personalities on your team, identify those factors that will help build better leadership and team cohesion, in addition to helping you inspire, motivate, educate and train every team member such that their collective performance illustrates the best in teamwork – where team goals trump individual achievement, and the maximum enjoyment in a positive coaching environment.

Sport Psychology Workshops for Coaches

At HSPA we offer coaches of all levels a series of workshops with training in applied sport psychology. As a coach you will have the opportunity to learn in a hands-on setting from our seasoned associates. Topics covered include:

  • assessing and improving team dynamics and cohesion
  • developing leadership qualities in ALL team members
  • understanding intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation and their implications on performance
  • learning to coach foundational mental skills (i.e. visualization, self-talk, goal setting, relaxation, energy management, etc.)

For pricing on workshops, please contact Matt Long at or 720-515-3601