Athlete Services

For the athletes we work with, our goal is to equip you with the mental skills and toughness to compete.  To find joy in learning how to perform your best when it counts.  The training for that ability occurs day in and day out, and it requires athletes to practice with purpose, to put themselves in situations that are uncomfortable, to keep their focus in the midst of distractions, to know where to go when they need to dig deep, to rivet their attention on the “task-at-hand” even when scared, when confused, when winning, when losing, angry or disappointed.  Mental toughness is trained. We build better athletes for today and tomorrow. How do we do that?  Read on:

Core Skills Required for Success

  1. Learn to Create and Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Control Stress and Manage Anxieties Routinely
  3. Discover the Passion to Get Motivated and Keep it Going
  4. Set Goals you can Achieve and Control
  5. Know how to Create, Script and Use Positive Self-talk
  6. Manage strong Emotions and Channel them Positively
  7. Focus and Concentrate Efficiently
  8. Visualize positive Mental Images & know How to Use them in Rehearsal & Review
  9. Build TEAM – work better with teammates, coaches, parents, officials & trainers
  10. Recovery Quickly and Efficiently from injury – Using a Mind/Body Approach

For hourly consulting rates please contact:

Stephen Walker, PhD, at 303.530.4439  or  303.931.7074

Matt Long at or 720-515-3601

Kevin Riley Peters at:  or  206.856.2361