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Do you remember the time when you did something extraordinary and succeeded almost beyond what you thought you could?  That is what the joy of peak performance is all about.  That’s what we’re all about. If this is something you’d like to experience more often read on…..

At Health and Sport Performance Associates (HSPA) our mission is to help you experience more joy through better health and improved performance.  We accomplish this by learning as much as we can about you, what drives you, what thrills you, what foils you.  We use assessments to help us gather that information quickly and efficiently, and of course, we talk about it.  It is then we begin the process of educating you on the things that already work for you or might work for you, and we chart the course for getting you where you want to go It is then we engage in providing you the proper direction and support to help you accomplish your goals.

Utilizing our diverse backgrounds in the fields of counseling, coaching, and applied sport psychology.  The mental skills we can equip you with will not only be an asset to your performance in sport, but also in your everyday life.  Learning to be a more confident, resilient, optimistic, and focused person will result in these same qualities showing up on the playing field, in the classroom, boardroom, and living room.  We have a passion for helping our clients and we are confident this passion will be evident in your experience working with us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  Find our contact info on the Associates page.  We look forward to helping you realize your potential!

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Athlete Services

For the athletes we work with, our goal is to equip you with the mental skills and toughness to perform your best day in and day out. We build better athletes for today and tomorrow.

Parent Services

For the parents we work with, our goal is to help you acquire the focus, helpful dedication, and understanding to best support and advance your athlete in ways that help them experience more joy and perform their best.  If your athlete is considering competing at the collegiate level, we can help you navigate the sometimes confusing recruiting process, with an emphasis on finding the best fit for them.

Coach Services

For the coaches we work with, our goal is to help you assess the personalities on your team, identify those factors that will help build better leadership and team cohesion, in addition to helping you inspire, motivate, educate and train every team member such that their collective performance illustrates the best in teamwork – where team goals trump individual achievement, and the maximum enjoyment in a positive coaching environment.

Sports Medicine Services

For sports medicine professionals we work withour goal is to help you understand how to properly use goal setting, visualization, and collaborative relationship development to prevent injury when possible and speed recovery expeditiously and safely when needed.  We help you reinforce each athlete’s trust in their ability to return to action, while systematically building faith in their health. We are knowledgable of the proper relationships toward both training and recovery and can help support your athletes in fueling themselves properly and engaging in healthy lifestyle decisions, enhancing their recovery both mentally and physically.